“We have all made bad decisions in our lives.  Some much worse than others.  Regardless of a persons good or bad decisions nobody deserves to be hungry.  I don’t have the answers to the difficult questions and situations in our country, but I can provide a meal to a few people that I hope will help them get through another day and know that there are people in our world that care. 

So, I am doing what I can.

- Steve Warren

Founder, Doing What I Can


This project is the result of a chance sight­ing of a very thin man in dirty jeans that looked way too big for him, digging in a dumpster in the heat of summer in Ft. Worth, Texas some 35 to 40 years ago. He found a box that looked like Church's Chicken with maybe a part of a wing and a few fries. He savored his find.


This was the first time I remember noticing someone that might be experiencing homelessness, and the impact has stayed with me ever since.


I began to give cash to people on the streets or at the corner.  Friends would say don't give them any money, they will just buy some liquor or drugs.  While that is a valid argument, I feel we should not give a gift with conditions.  I also look to the Bible and Proverbs 31:6-7 for some guidance, it says: "Give liquor or strong drink to someone who is perishing, and wine to someone who is deeply depressed.  Let him drink, forget his poverty, and remember his troubles no more."  I don't know about you, but I find some comfort in that.


In 2018, a friend and I were having our regular monthly lunch. Through our conversa­tions, he caused me to realize I was missing something in my life. He introduced me to an organization called Possibilities and convinced me to apply for their Innovation Program (PIP).  It started with a weekend dis­covery retreat that changed my life. I saw how one person was making a difference. A woman named Cherie was my inspiration. She took casseroles once a month to feed the homeless in her OKC neighborhood. I told her what an inspiration her story was to me. She responded with a very direct question:


"What are you wait­ing for?"


That was it - Doing What I Can was born.